What I Learned in Cleveland

I was recently in Cleveland for a mission trip with our high school students.  We partnered with the Gateway Network (a church planting network of three churches in the Cleveland area).  Here are some things that I learned (or was reminded of):

1. Cleveland is not near as bad of a town as everyone makes out.  I enjoyed myself in Cleveland and look forward to going again someday.

2. Church planting is hard work.  To see the challenges that these church planters/pastors face is an eye opener and inspiration for me.  Alex Ennes, Dan Ghramm, and Zach Weihrauch are heroes of mine.

3. If you challenge students, they will step up.  Our students served the Lord faithfully and diligently.  I am so proud of them.

4. Godly adult leaders are more precious than gold.  Our trip could not have taken place without the leadership of our adults.

5. The gospel cannot be received unless it is heard.  There are lost people on every continent.  We have much work to do.

6. We have no reason to wait for God to tell us to go with the gospel.  God has clearly told us to go.  We must have reason in order not to go.

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