What I Learned from a Hole in my Sock


When I got home from a long day of work yesterday I noticed that there was hole in my sock.  Although I was surprised to find the hole, I knew why it was there.  From the time I put my shoes on that day, there was some annoying object taking its time wearing away the bottom of my foot.  I knew it was there, and I knew that I should deal with it, but I didn’t.  By not dealing with this annoyance, I ended up with one less sock and the beginnings of a blister.

When I took my shoe off, I naturally looked into the dark reaches of my shoe and searched for the guilty object.  It was not a rock, or even a pebble.  It was a small piece of rubber that had detached from my insole.  I thought to myself, “How could something so insignificant cause so much trouble for me?”  I then realized that any problem, if ignored, can become a big issue.  If I would have dealt with the problem at the onset, it would not have been a big deal.

I was reminded from this experience of the biblical principle of dealing with sin at the onset.  If we do not deal with our sin, by confessing it to God and one another, it will only grow bigger and more fierce.  Jesus Christ is the only cure all for our sin problem.  However, once we have given ourselves to Jesus, we still deal with sin’s consequences.  If we leave them unchecked, the effect will only multiply.  Do yourself a favor, check your shoes and check yourself.

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