The Absurdity of an Atheistic Church

The Sunday Gathering is an Atheistic church that meets in Britain, said to be the first in Britain.  A BBC report about the the so-called church can be found here.  After watching the video and reading the article concerning the Sunday Gathering I could not help but think that this whole thing is completely absurd.  It is ignorant to call this gathering a church, and it is laughable how much a group of supposed atheists try to mimic the services of a God-worshiping church.

Not only are the elements copies of the elements of a Christian worship service (although they are comical and sacrilegious), but the reasoning behind many people attending the service are also strikingly similar to Christianity.  The master of ceremonies, Sanderson Jones, claims the service is a “…celebration of life.”  The theme of the service focuses on wonder.  Jones speaks of how his mother’s death reminded him that life is all too brief.  One attendee said, “it’s nice to get together and have a bit of a community spirit…”  Another said, “I think people need that sense of connectedness…”    Still another predicts of the future of the atheistic church, “There will be a structure, an ethical outlook on life.”  In the video, Jones even spends a moment speaking about the great odds that were required to create life.

To the Christian this is absolutely ridiculous.  Those who reject God are trying to replicate and absorb that which comes only from God, while at the same time acting on truths which point to the existence of God.

Humans do have a need for community.  Life is worth celebrating.  The beginning of life and this planet is a miraculous event.  Worshippers of the one true God have known this for thousands of years.

These people are seeking something because they know inside their hearts that there is something different about them, indeed something special.  They are created in the image of God.  They are created to be worshippers of God.  Although many have rejected God, they cannot help but feel that pull towards something divine, something significant.

There is a reason you don’t see squirrels assembling together and singing songs while taking a moment of silence.  I haven’t noticed any cows discussing where they originated, or what makes the grass grow.  Humans yearn for a connectedness with something more significant than themselves, because they were created with that yearning.

If there is no God, I am certainly not wasting my time by gracing the walls of a church with my presence.  If there is no God, I’m going to do as much for myself, as fast as I can, to get as much pleasure as I can get.  Ethics, morality, significance, beauty, humor, art, love, and the like are all out the door if there is no God.

Praise God that He is there, and that He loves us.  He desires a relationship with His creation.  He has made it possible for all of us to find the significance and meaning that we search for.  The way is Jesus.

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