Some clarification on my post about local church youth and children ministry

I received some feedback about my recent blog post concerning local church youth and children ministry.  Most of it was affirming and supportive.  I also received some feedback that voiced confusion over my stance towards family-integrated classes.  Some wondered if I am opposed to family-integrated ministry.  To be clear, I am not opposed to family-integrated ministry at all.  In fact, we practice family-integrated ministry at the church where I serve (in addition to age-graded ministry).

The crux of my argument was that youth ministry and family-integrated ministry are not inherently good or bad.  They are supplemental to the three areas of worship that every Christian family should practice (personal worship, family worship, and corporate worship).  The reason I mentioned family-integrated Sunday school in my closing thoughts was simply to point out that it is not the fix all (as some suggest).  I am, and will continue to be, a fan of both age-integrated and age-segregated ministry.  Each church must determine which type of ministry best fits the needs of the people, accomplishes the mission of that local church, and ultimately obeys God’s specific commands given in Scripture.  I hope this brings clarity.  I love family-integrated ministry and age-graded ministry.  I participate in both and support both.

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