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I recently spoke to a church member who was unsure whether or not she was supposed to go on a particular mission trip. I gave her some advice about how I would look at the situation if it were me trying to decide whether or not to go on a mission trip.

Below are some thoughts to consider for those who are wondering if they should go on a mission trip.

1. We know that the act of taking the gospel to the nations is presented as essential in the Bible. Jesus commanded it (Matthew 28:18-20), Paul pointed to its necessity in salvation (Romans 10:13-15), and Jesus spoke to the part it plays in preceding His return (Matthew 24:14).

2. The act of taking a mission trip is edifying to the one taking the trip. Without fail, every person that I speak to who joins our church on a short-term mission trip says that he or she was encouraged and challenged to live a life more devoted to Jesus. This is a good thing.

3. The Lord and His church will provide the finances. One of the primary reasons I get from people as to why they can’t go on a mission trip is that they don’t have the financial resources. At our church, we believe that the lack of money should not be a limitation for anyone going on a mission trip. Time and again, God has proved faithful in providing money for individuals to go from our church.

4. The need is great. There are still over 6,000 people groups that are unreached with the gospel. The part that you could play in helping reach those people is huge. Similarly, you may serve as an important encouragement for those long-term missionaries and indigenous church leaders that are on the field.

5. Instead of asking why you should go, ask yourself why you shouldn’t go. In light of the biblical mandate, the great need, and the awesome blessings of going, I think we should need a good reason not to go. Perhaps there is a good reason. Maybe there is a health risk that may be a factor. Perhaps your spouse or family is in need of your attention to a degree that you need to stay behind. Considering the question from this perspective may be helpful.

I’m a missions pastor, so I think everyone should go on a mission trip! Thinking through these suggestions may help you determine if you should go on a missions trip.

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