Seven Ways to Remain Spiritually Healthy Through the Summer

As a minister, and particularly as a youth minister, I can testify that numbers at churches traditionally decrease during the Summer.  I really don’t fret much over the fact, because I think that it’s natural.  However, I believe we all should remember that although our daily lives may change drastically in the Summer, our spiritual lives should remain healthy and strong.  Below are some practical pointers that you and/or your family can implement to remain spiritually strong:

1. Stay consistent in your Bible reading.  Summer is an easy time to drop behind on your Bible reading because your daily schedule is so jacked up.  I was recently joking with a friend on a Summer mission trip that I needed to catch up on my Bible reading when I returned home.  Don’t fall behind on this.

2. Read something extra.  Take some time and read something extra from God’s Word, or a beneficial Christian book.  I am currently trying to tackle Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey.  It’s a big task for me, but I’m determined to finish it.

3. When out of town, find somewhere to worship.  Perhaps you can find a biblical church to visit, or maybe you can worship with your family in your vacation home living room.  Either way, do not neglect worshipping the Lord with your family or in a community with other believers.

4. Go on a mission trip.  If you haven’t done this already, get to it.  If your church isn’t doing one, tag team with someone else or plan your own.  Side note: if your church is not doing one, there should be a really good reason why they’re not. If there’s not a good reason, perhaps you need a new church.

5. Take advantage of gospel opportunities.  Now that you have more time, perhaps you can share the gospel with that neighbor or friend that you don’t normally have time to talk to.  Perhaps you can show the love of Jesus through meeting physical needs and opening the door to meet spiritual needs.

6. Serve your church.  Use your extra free time to serve your church.  Camp, VBS, maintenance, teaching, pool parties, etc.  The list is endless.  Be creative and take initiative.

7. Don’t be lazy.  You can relax without being lazy.  If you’re in town, go to church.  Use your free time to glorify God and serve others.  Make sure and take some time to relax also.

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