Serving in Ministry as a Family

Many Christians have a deep desire to see their family grow in spiritual health.  They read books, pray for wisdom, and listen to numerous different bits of advice.  However, many do not serve in ministry together.  I believe that many underestimate, or do not consider, the growth that comes from serving together in ministry as a family.

To be clear, I’m not talking about everyone in the family having a full-time job as a pastor.  Rather, I’m talking about every member of the family contributing to the ministry of a local church, and doing so hand-in-hand with one another. God does not call every believer to be a pastor, but He does call every believer to serve in ministry.

Biblical Precedent for Serving in Ministry

It’s clear from Scripture that God wants Christians to serve in ministry.  Ephesians 4 is the foundational passage for Christian service (click here for more information on this).  Further, Deuteronomy 6 reminds us that parents are charged with training their children in the Christian faith (click here for more information on this).  Serving as a family in ministry helps accomplish both of these prescriptions.

Practical Reasons to Serve Together

Beyond the biblical reasons, it’s also practically beneficial to serve together in ministry.  Consider that many families don’t spend a lot of time together.  Serving together in ministry provides opportunities for families to spend quality time together while serving God, His church, and other people.

Serving as a family also provides an opportunity for family discipleship.  Many parents want to disciple their kids but often get lost as to how to do it.  Serving in ministry often opens up opportunities to discuss spiritual things.

Another practical benefit is that young people will learn that serving others is greater than serving oneself (a lesson from which many adults may benefit as well).  Serving together allows families to discuss what it means to serve other people and how doing so changes one’s perspective on life.

Finally, serving together is practically beneficial because it benefits other people, the church, and the spread of the gospel.  More workers are needed to complete the work that God has called Christians to (see Matthew 9:38).  Serving as a family multiplies the number of people serving God and others.

How to Serve Together as a Family

Below are some suggestion for how to serve in ministry as a family:

  1. Make it a priority.  There are so many things that families spend time doing.  Make ministry a top priority among those things.
  2. Block out a time.  If you don’t plan to do it, it probably won’t happen.
  3. If you don’t know where to start, start small.  Serve at a small event at church.  Jump in where someone else is already serving.  Ask for advice on something small that you could do.
  4. Go on a mission trip together.  I’m a missions pastor, so I’m kind of biased, but I can’t think of a better way for a family to spend the week (or two) together.  Serving the Lord and serving others is not only rewarding, it’s biblical.
  5. Ask your church leaders to hold you accountable.  Ask someone to hold you accountable as a family.  Set a goal for how you will serve as a family and ask someone to hold you to it.

What other suggestions do you have?  Leave a comment to share other suggestions for serving in ministry as a family.

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