My Pride

Today I was thinking about a ministry that I am familiar with.  The thoughts that came to the forefront of my mind centered around the idea that this ministry is not reaching the heights that they are capable of reaching.  I thought about all the factors that led me to believe that this ministry had great potential, and they were many. I also thought about my reasons for why they are not achieving more.  My mind then took me to fantasizing about leading that ministry.  If only I were in charge, then I would lead that ministry to achieve its full potential.  I thought to myself, “I know the problems, and I have solutions for them.  The people involved will respond to me.  This ministry just needs some good, solid, godly leadership.”  It was at that moment that I caught myself.  Satan had led me to believe that I was the answer to all of this ministry’s problems.  My pride had taken over.  I was the savior.  By God’s grace, the Holy Spirit directed my mind and heart back to Him.  This ministry needs to turn back to God and the leading of His Holy Spirit.  They don’t need me, they need Him.  I hate my pride.  I love the grace of God.

2 thoughts on “My Pride

  1. Pride is a terrible thing. I am often told that I don’t give myself enough credit for the things I accomplish at work or even church. The problem with giving myself credit is that it is only by God’s grace that I am able. I have to keep a humble servant attitude in order to not become a prideful leader. It is not always easy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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