Michael Vick and Mercy


Does Michael Vick deserve a second chance?  That’s been the question circulating all over the news the last week.  Let me ask this: Do you deserve a second chance when  you mess up?  I’m one that is known to forgive people if they are truly seeking forgiveness.  It seems like Michael Vick is truly seeking forgiveness and trying to make a change in his life.  The believability factor for Michael Vick has a huge factor on its side: Tony Dungy’s recommendation.  I highly respenct Tony Dungy because of his winning record, his calm strength, and most of all his integrity.  If Dungy thinks Vick deserves another chance, I’m on his side.

I am speaking here about one individual and his chance to play football in the NFL again.  Yet, I cannot help but reflect on the grace that has been given to me despite the fact that I don’t deserve it at all.  I’ve done much worse than organizing a dog fighting ring.  I have blasphemed my Creator, rejected the law of my God, and forsaken the love of my Savior.  Yet I have been forgiven.  Michael Vick may be glad for mercy, but I have gained much more than a career in the NFL because of the mercy that I have received.

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