Is Tim Tebow controlled miraculously by God?

As the Denver Broncos continue to win week after week, in on-the-edge-of-your-seat fashion, people have started to ask how Tim Tebow does it.  There has always been discussion about whether or not God is intervening to make Tim Tebow so good at winning late, but never so much as there was this past Sunday when the Broncos defeated the Chicago Bears in miraculous fashion.  So, is God doing it?  Is He the reason Tim Tebow is so good?

The answer is yes and no.  To be clear, every good and perfect gift comes from above (James 1:17).  God gives all good things, including talent such as the ability to play football.  It is because of God’s blessing and grace that Tebow is what he is.

However, the answer is also no.  To say that God is controlling Tim Tebow and giving him success miraculously takes away from the hard work and dedication that Tebow has put in since he was a young boy.  I loved to play football when I was young.  For me, that consisted of throwing the ball around with my brother and cousins in our back yard.  For Tim Tebow, it meant tying rubber tubes to his door and working out before he even hit puberty.  When I was in college, we would gather in the Josephus Bowl at Southern Seminary and play football in the snow.  When Tim Tebow was in college, he was the strongest player on the most successful college football team in the country.

If I were to suit up for the Denver Broncos and lead the team to seven wins in eight games, and multiple fourth quarter and over-time comebacks, that would be a miracle.  For Tim Tebow, this is not an Angels in the Outfield (or End-zone) moment.  This is God’s grace and blessing extending to a young man who has spent the majority of his life training, working, sweating, and planning for this moment.  Could Tebow do it without God?  Absolutely not!  However, don’t look for an angelic glow around Tim Tebow anytime soon.

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