How to be Purposeful in Sharing the Gospel


Christians are called to be ambassadors for Christ daily (2 Corinthians 5:20).  We should constantly be representing Christ and bringing the message of redemption to the world.  I believe that most of us want to do this, but it often doesn’t happen.  I think one of the reasons that this doesn’t happen is because we are not purposeful in sharing the gospel.  If we are going to share the gospel, we are going to do so because we were purposeful.

Below are four tips for how you can be purposeful in sharing the gospel:

1. Pray for opportunities to share.  Why do we so often skip this step?  Prayer is so necessary to our daily lives as Christians, yet we often don’t pray.  Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, teaches his student to pray this prayer, “Lord, give me an opportunity to share my faith today. Enable me to recognize this opportunity when it comes. When it happens, give me the courage to proceed.”  My pastor shared this with me a couple of years ago and it has stuck with me.  Purposefully spend some time in prayer as you prepare to share the gospel.

2. Know the gospel (and keep knowing it).  Do you truly know the core elements of the gospel?  How long has it been since you’ve written down or shared the basic elements of the gospel?  Take some time to write out the gospel in your journal.  Compare what you’ve written with the pages of the Bible.  Continue to study the Word of God.  Remind yourself of God’s grace and the work of Jesus on the cross.  Knowing the gospel and reminding yourself of it often will help you be ready to share when the opportunity comes.

3. Have your gospel radar on.  You should be able to sense when a gospel opportunity is approaching.  One of the factors that make sharing the gospel most difficult for people is finding the opportunity.  The majority of us don’t enjoy jumping in abruptly and awkwardly into a conversation.  With your gospel radar you can sense a natural opportunity and ease right into the conversation.  Someone may say, “Wow, this election season is super crazy!  I wish there was some way for us to know that we’re going to be ok after all of this settles.”  There’s your opportunity!  Jump write in and steer that conversation to the gospel.

4. Intentionally seek the Holy Spirit’s work.  The Holy Spirit is here to help Christians.  That’s part of His very nature (John 14:26).  He wants to use us for His glory and His purposes.  Ask Him to guide you (silently in your head even as you are speaking).  Acknowledge how much you need him before, during, and after you share the gospel.  Also, leave the results to Him.  God has not called you to convert people; that’s His job.  He’s called you to share the gospel.  Be faithful and leave the rest to God.

What other suggestions do you have?  How have you been purposeful in sharing the gospel?

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