An Update on Our Adoption Journey (from July 5)

Many of you have been faithfully praying for and generously giving to our adoption journey.  We wanted to give you an update on what God is doing in our family.  We have established a relationship with a birth mother in our area.  Our relationship has been wonderful and we consider her a friend.  She is due in September and we are waiting and praying eagerly for a healthy baby girl.  We are completely overjoyed at the possibility of having a little girl very soon.  We know many of you have questions about this so I posted some with answers below.  Please feel free to contact us with any other specific questions.  We covet your continued prayers.

Did you find this mother through the law firm you were working with?  No.  This mother sort of found us.  God works in awesome ways.

Are you still fundraising?  Absolutely.  There are still costs that come along with this adoption.  We are still actively raising funds.  If any funds are leftover, we will save them for a future adoption or use them for an adoption ministry.

Are you aware that a mother can change her mind after she gives birth?  How will you handle that?  Yes, we are aware of that.  As I mentioned, we have met with this birth mother numerous times.  We are as confident as we can be that she wants us to adopt her baby.  If something happens that prevents this adoption, it will certainly be difficult.  However, this is a journey we are willing to travel.  We trust this mother and more importantly, we trust God’s providence.

Have you taken legal steps to help with the adoption?  We have indeed.  We are in constant contact with an attorney in town.  He has been very helpful.  We are now waiting.  Not a lot can be done until thirty days before the baby is due.  At that point, we can do some preliminary paper work and then we must wait until seventy-two hours after the baby is born to sign the main legal documents.

What does Jeremiah think about all of this?  Although he doesn’t understand it all, he is super excited.  He wants one sister and 100 brothers.  Hopefully we can get the one sister for him soon

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