Achieving More than You Think You Can

Today, as I was sweating out my Monday workout routine, the Lord taught me something that was more refreshing to me than a glass of ice cold Gatorade at that time.  As I was at the point where I thought I had to slow down the treadmill because I could take no more, two things happened.  First, I became attentive to the song playing on my iPhone: “Forward Motion” by Relient K.  The lyrics say, “I struggle with forward motion; we’ve all struggled with forward motion.”

Simultaneously, I also noticed on the television hanging on the wall a stone’s throw in front of me that a wrestler defeated his opponent and was celebrating in victory.  As he “stood” victorious, he did so with no legs.  As I ran, I smiled to myself and realized that I am capable of so much more than I think.  Although, continuing the forward motion of running on that treadmill is difficult, it is certainly possible.  Our Creator designed our bodies to achieve much more that we give them credit.

Reflecting upon this also opened my eyes that I am capable of so much more in my spiritual life.  My body is able to do more because of the unique way God designed it.  With discipline, determination, and effort my body can run at lengths it has never reached.  Likewise, God can use me to do more for His kingdom than I ever thought possible.  Accomplishing more for the kingdom of God also requires determination, discipline, and effort.  However, much more is required than these three ingredients.  Accomplishing much for the kingdom of God requires an utter dependance upon the Spirit of God.  Not only is discipline required, but also holiness.  Not only is determination required, but also humility.  I can reach new goals with my body, but I cannot do it without the muscle, breath, and lifeblood that my God gave me.  In the same manner, I can do much for the kingdom of God, but not by my strength, but by Christ who gives me strength.

One thought on “Achieving More than You Think You Can

  1. thank you for the message… indeed we can do more with the grace and love that gives power through Jesus Christ… i will share this to the youth on Friday…

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