A tween boy who is becoming a “girl”

I read an article this morning about a 12 year old boy who is undergoing surgery and hormone treatment to become a girl.  This article may incite some to anger, but really I feel saddened by this.  Let me be clear: I believe this is an abomination against God’s created order.  However, I also believe this young man may genuinely be confused about his sexual identity.

I am a firm believer that because of the fall of man (see first few chapter of the book of Genesis) all of creation is affected.  This includes even our bodies.  Some people’s bodies are even affected to the point that they are born with male and female organs (I’m not sure if that is the case with this young man).  I believe that those who are confused sexually are confused because of the effect that the sin nature has taken on their minds and bodies.  Make no mistake, this does not excuse our accountability for the actions we take.  If I do something, I am the one responsible for that act, and I alone.  But, I cannot help but feel compassion for this  young man.

Is this act upsetting to God?  Absolutely.  However, rather than just throw a fit about the lack of judgment from the parents involved in this scenario, or the sinful lifestyles of others stuck in sexual confusion, let’s also show compassion for those who are confused and misguided.  Our world is messed up.  People do things that are not right.  Let’s pray that God will not only heal their souls, but their minds as well.

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