A Review of Do Hard Things


A just finished Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris.  It was a wonderful book.  It’s aimed at teenagers, yet I found it very helpful in my own life.  The overall message is for teenagers to rise above the low expectations set for them by the world, and challenge themselves to do hard things.  I highly recommend the book for people of all ages.

Here are a few highlights:

  • “The truth is that all of us are susceptible to low expectations.  Once we have satisfied the minimum requirements, we tend to stop pushing ourselves.” pg. 39
  • “We’ve noticed that the fence that keeps us from breaking out of our comfort zones is nearly always built of fear–fear of weakness, discomfort, failure, humiliation.  We’ve notice something else too: you can’t live by fear and live by faith at the same time.” pg. 69
  • “Being considered a good teen only requires that we don’t do bad stuff like taking drugs, drinking, and partying.  But is it enough to be known for the negative things we don’t do, or should we also be known for the positive and difficult things that we do?” pg. 97
  • “Every action, no matter how small, is defining our future harvest.  Small seeds can make big weeds, but they can also produce beautiful flowers or feed a nation.” pg. 139
  • “Neither Wilberforce nor Luther could have stood against the evils and injustices of their times if they hadn’t first learned to stand against the evil in their own hearts and in the hearts of those around them.” pg. 163

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