A reminder from my farmer’s tan

I’m working on a nice farmer’s tan right now (more accurately described as a farmer’s burn).  Yesterday, I spent about four hours of my day off working in the current hot and humid climate of the Ohio Valley.  I came away with filthy clothes and three very pronounced white to red rings around my neck and both arms.  As I reflected upon the work that I did and how tired I was, I was reminded of God’s command for men to work.  As a result of the Fall, God’s plan is that men should work for their livelihood.  The necessities of life do not just fall into our laps.

God does not desire for us to sit on our hands and hope something happens.  God is not pleased with the 25 year old male sitting in his parents’ basement playing video games.  God desires for men to sweat.  God desires for men to push their limits.  God desires for men to get tired.

Make no mistake, God is sovereign.  Every good and perfect things comes from Him.  The results of our labor are left to Him.  Nevertheless, God desires that we labor.  So men, go ahead and work on that farmer’s tan.

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